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Harlem Dreams

At Piff Coast Farms we’re all about those nostalgic NYC legacy strains! Piff Haze is the front runner in that category. We started by reversing the tried and true Cuban black haze clone only onto many different cultivars. To be honest, of all the crosses we did that round. The Blue dream cross was one of the hybrids we didn’t expect anything spectacular from. But boy were we wrong! And that just goes to show with a little due diligence and perhaps luck, you never know where you can discover a diamond in the rough! A customer reached out to us months after release saying he found this amazing pheno, and he wanted to send us samples. While we found many of the phenos in the F1(r) generation of Harlem Dreams were more fruity, this one had about every attribute you could ask for. Blue dream yield, Piff terps and taste, purple coloring, and knockout potency!! It also brought the flowering time of the black haze down from 92+ days to around 77-80. Amazing sturdy branching, drought resistant, sexually stable and pm resistant, there’s not much more you could ask for in a cultivar! Dare I say the Harlem Dreams is MORE piffy than piff, and that’s an understatement!! This cultivar is truly remarkable in every way. One of those things you have to really experience to believe. Did I mention it tests at 30% THC as well? It’s the perfect cultivar to appeal to many. The bag appeal for the new generation of smokers, the terpenes for all the nostalgia heads, as well as the the growth habits for the cultivator. We reversed the Harlem Dreams on to every “piffy” cut in our stable! With the Harlem as the backbone for our new feminized haze line, no matter which hybrid you choose we guarantee you will find something truly special and nostalgic in each and every pack! Enjoy the photos of Harlem Dreams below!

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