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Piff Coast Sour Diesel

We love Sour Diesel! A true east coast staple. If you lived around NYC in the mid 2000s then you know exactly what we are talking about! Your glove box still probably reeks of it if you ever had it in there!! We scoured the forums and select groups around the east coast on a mission to find that one true ECSD. During our hunt we came across many clones that all came with the claim to be the original. Rezdog cut, Chaco cut, JP cut, DHK cut, Aj cut, and many more… All of the cuts shared one thing in common— they were close, but not… IT!!! They were either so old and tired that they were hard to dial in or they were missing an element even when dialed to the best of our ability. We did the only thing we could, take it to breeding!!! We hit every sour clone that we could source with a Karma Genetics Sour Diesel BX2 male. Rez Sour IBL x {Rez Sour IBL x (Rez Sour IBL x Biker Kush)}. After making the F1 generation we popped 20 seeds from each cross and started the hunt. We noticed exceptional vigor coming out of the JP x Karma Sour cross and to us that is very important because we want EVERYONE to be able to grow our seeds. New growers to seasoned veterans all know that a little vigor goes a long way! Out of nearly 200 seeds we found about 7 females that were dead on !!DOUR!! But one really stood out to us and that was the one we chose out of the JP x Karma cross. Stable, nice branching, stacking from top to bottom of lip puckering eye watering Sour Diesel terps!! The type of stuff you could brush up against and not be able to get the smell off of you for hours!! That is the winner we chose to dub as the P.C.S.D. or Piff Coast Sour Diesel. We found a male from the same F1 seeds that closely resembled the female in leaf formation. Our male had tight clusters with a pretty mean stem rub to boot! In the F2 generation you can expect not as much variation as you’d think, with the exception of terpenes some leaning towards a deep funky fuel and others leaning towards a citrus gas, all phenotypes seem to have the traditional lime green calyx with dark green tongue leaves and pink hairs! We attribute that to karma genetics for his work dialing in the sour line and rezdog before him. We were very lucky to have a nice backbone to start from!! We feel that we have finally perfected the sour line to our liking and we hope you feel the same way after growing them out! Pictured below is our PCSD F1 Female holding some F2 seeds!

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